With the steep increases in the use of smartphones and mobile devices, adapting your marketing plan is crucial. Introducing video content into your mobile marketing should be a top priority. Over the last year, mobile devices have made some pretty big advances in broadband technology, which is giving most mobile device users greater access to streaming video. Video is a great marketing tool that is often under-utilized.

Think about it—when aren’t you on your smartphone? Even when my hair is wrapped in a plastic bag and my head is stuck under a dryer at the hair salon, I am online via my trusted iPhone. It keeps me both connected and entertained; I have Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, YouTube, and literally everything in the palm of my hand. And at the same time, hundreds of companies have me right where they want me—online and engaged with my mobile device.

Mobile Video Marketing
Here are four reasons you need to integrate video into your mobile marketing strategy as soon as possible:

  1. Low Cost & Maximum Reach – Video is relatively inexpensive; especially if you take into consideration the value a single video can add to the user-experience. And when you have thousands of users…well, you get the idea. You can cover a lot of ground with video if you integrate it into your marketing strategy correctly. A single video can be used on your company website, blogs, Facebook profile page, YouTube channel, Twitter, Telly, and even LinkedIn—at no additional cost.
  2. A Picture & 1000 Words – You can show, and say, a lot with a video, literally. Whether you are sharing a process, showcasing a product, or have testimonials to share, it can all be done with video. Video offers a visual and audio delivery of information that allows you to show the personality of your company and establish credibility with your audience.
  3. Appeal – Video appeals to most users because it makes people feel like we are being entertained. It also gives your audience options, which translates into control, and they like that. For people that don’t want to read three web pages about a product, they can opt to watch the brief video that shows them the product in action. And while watching that video, they can pause, fast forward and rewind as many times as they desire.
  4. Numbers Don’t Lie Statistics released by DaCast.com this month suggest that over 25 Million mobile device owners stream over 4 hours of video on their device a month. It is also estimated that by 2015, 63% of the U.S. population will own a Smartphone and that 86% will of those users will stream video. Those are potential clients and customers that you could be reaching, so you better be ready.

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