Online video is simply the single most effective medium  to connect with and engage a large target audience. It allows for a consistent delivery of a company’s message and promotes a personal interaction between a company and its customers and prospects. We have an entire portfolio full of online video examples.

Video production companies in Cincinnati, and around the country are constantly changing. On one hand, internet users have grown to prefer video over other media on the web. On the other, inexpensive equipment and tools have turned anyone with a mobile phone into a videographer. The good news is that even with all the excitement and hype around user-generated content, professionally produced content from reputable video production companies are still better than UGC. Of YouTube’s top ten most viewed commercial videos, nearly 95% of them are professionally produced by video production companies. Paradoxically (sort of), web video viewers despise 15-second pre-roll and post-roll advertising, yet they are perfectly satisfied to watch longer promotional content on their own terms. This creates a tremendous opportunities for video production companies and businesses interested in marketing through video.

The growth in popularity of video on the desktop provides an opportunity for clients to use video for content marketing purposes. We produce videos that businesses can use for online lead generation campaigns, and as content for multimedia landing pages. Video content can include product demonstrations, customer testimonials, case studies, facility tours, or interviews with employees or industry experts. At Black Tent, we work directly with our clients to shoot, edit, and produce engaging videos featuring top level executives, thought leaders, and/or company representatives in order to communicate with a growing online audience. These videos have a variety of sales and marketing uses. Our clients have used them as website content, offers in email campaigns, or even as sales collateral.

In fact, website videos expand the number of channels from which prospects and current customers can learn about products and solutions. In video format, these compelling videos can be leveraged on corporate websites, e-mail marketing campaigns, PowerPoint presentations, blogs, online brochures, interactive press releases, and social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

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