Word-of-mouth has always been a powerful factor regarding your company or product’s reputation. Consumers are accustomed to and numb to the “one-way language” of marketing puffery – instantly skeptical when a company only touts its own benefits and greatness.

This is where customer testimonials shine, and video customer testimonials shine even brighter. Capturing video of your customers (especially those that are esteemed and from the upper ranks of a particular industry) speaking on your behalf and singing your praises can do a lot to convince a buyer who might be on the fence.

Customer Testimonial Videos
While printed testimonials can still be effective, usually found in the form of quotations from a satisfied customer, video testimonials take it a step further. When prospects can see your customers and watch them express their trust in your company, a much stronger bond can be created. Prospect’s doubts are easily squashed when they see a convincing testimonial from an esteemed customer, and are far more likely to follow through and make a purchase.

However, once you’ve decided to start collecting testimonials, getting your customers to offer an official testimony to put into your video can be rather tricky. Customers that truly value your company and want you to succeed may do it out of kindness; but more often than not, it is customary to extend some sort of incentive to make it worth their time—usually in the form of discounts on products or services.

The content of the testimonial is also important and, if not delivered properly, can come out sounding like just more “marketing fluff”. If a customer can highlight and praise in detail the key features of an item—that is the best place to start. However, if they can also add how it increased their production, simplified their accounting, transformed their business, or in any way improved their lives—all the better. A common practice is for the customer to describe their life before your product/service, and then describe their life after your product, highlighting all of the benefits and gains.

To ease the process, it’s not uncommon for a company to go ahead and write an outline for a script (or the script entirely) to make the process easier. Of course, the customer should be able to make edits that make them feel more comfortable. In other instances, it can be ideal to send them a questionnaire which will draw answers out of them that are, in fact, the testimonials within themselves.

Once completed, video testimonials can be combined with other video marketing projects, used on social media pages, within a presentation, at conferences and expos, on websites, and more. Links to the video can also be sent via email, further increasing your reach.

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