According to internal data released within a CareerBuilder article, “job postings with video icons are viewed 12% more than postings without video. On average, CareerBuilder customers receive a 34% greater application rate when they add video to their job postings.” Recruiting videos can be exciting and compelling, if done right.

Showcasing Your Employment Brand Gallup defines an employment brand as “the way your organization’s prospective applicants, candidates and employees perceive you as an employer.” A recruiting video is a great tool to establish and strengthen your employment brand. Most recruiting videos introduce company executives, talk about the exciting market in which the company plays, or include other overly-scripted scenarios that fail to give potential candidates an accurate (or relevant) perception of your employment brand. In contrast, companies that effectively use video to promote their employment brand do so by showcasing their employees and work environment in the most realistic way possible. These videos highlight unique aspects of their organization–even some of the more subtle things that differentiate the company, like unconventional office decor, clips from lively company meetings or other day-to-day activities that give the company a personality and make it “real.”

The best way to establish an employment brand is to depict an authentic employee experience. If job seekers can visualize what it would be like working at your company, you’re likely to attract a pool of enthusiastic applicants who truly know what they’d be getting into. Conveying an Authentic Employee Experience The best recruiting videos authentically portray what a prospective employee’s life would be like at the company. Companies shouldn’t hesitate to show their true colors in a recruiting video.

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