This shoot was for a company that provides student transportation services to school districts around the world. We managed the entire shoot and delivered a library of gorgeous “back to school images. Our creative team helped concept the scene, and we found the location, selected the models, and worked with the community to shut down the street for a major creative on location photo shoot. We create beautiful photography that accurately represents your business and/or brands. Whether shot at a professional studio or on-site, creative photography is conducted in a controlled environment, with all of the state-of-the-art tools and methods of today, to produce the highest quality images of  your product, service, or personnel. Lighting, as well as other effect-creating equipment, is set up skillfully by the photographer and assistants to ensure your images are of superior quality. Makeup and hair-stylists play a key role when models are a part of your image and are always available upon request. Also, your  product and/or models may be set up, or “posed”,  to capture the look you desire by the creative team and the photographer. Finally, photo-enhancing software will add the finishing touches and truly bring your images to life. To learn more about our professional photography services click here. To speak with someone about your project, or to request pricing, please click here.