A glowing endorsement from a happy customer is one of the most powerful marketing tools available. Let’s face it… everyone knows how hard it is to sing your own praises. It’s far better to let someone else do your bragging—especially a satisfied customer. Customer testimonials can be a fantastic sales & marketing tool because they give your prospective and current customers a firsthand account of your value—and they go a long way in building trust and encourage sales!

While testimonials come in many forms, there is nothing better than a video of a customer praising your products or services. It’s simply the most credible and meaningful ways to showcase the value of your company. While the advantages of customer testimonials may seem obvious; there are a few other benefits that are often overlooked:

First, testimonial videos provide powerful digital marketing and social media content.
In video format, testimonials can be used on corporate websites, e-mail marketing campaigns, sales presentations, and social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. A few short video testimonials on your social media channels can allow you to share and engage with your prospects in ways that were never before possible.

Second, testimonial videos can boost your search rankings.
As most search engine optimization experts will tell you, getting a first-page ranking on Google is harder than ever. Not only do Google’s search and indexing algorithms continue to evolve in complexity, but Google has recently given more of its real estate to “blended” search results, displaying video and images towards the top of the first page, which push down traditional page results that would have otherwise competed for top rankings.

But where problems arise, so do opportunities. Although Google’s enthusiasm for video has created more competition for traditional search results, it has enabled sites with video assets—even sites that would otherwise score poorly in the Google index—to achieve first-page rankings. In fact, Forrester Research found that videos were 53 times more likely than traditional web pages to receive an organic first-page ranking.

Third, soliciting testimonial videos will tell you a lot about your customers. You’ll find out if you actually have customers that are enthusiastic enough about your products/services to go on camera. And, if you get rejected, that will open the conversation as to what you can improve upon to turn your customers into raving fans. Either way, you win!

If you are considering video testimonials, there are several reasons why you may want some help from a professional. Let’s face it, it can be uncomfortable for you to ask your customers to elaborate on the reasons why your solutions are so great; however, as a third party, Black Tent interviewers can ask solution-oriented questions (pre approved by you) that elicit the glowing responses you want and need. We have videographers available to shoot in HD format anywhere in the country, and our team handles the entire project from start to finish. There are many things to think about. We handle it all; including project management, scheduling, release forms, interview questions, interviews, videography, lighting, and video editing. All we need to get started is the name of one of your satisfied customers.

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