Kickstarter Projects with Engaging Videos are 85% More Likely to get Funded

According to Kickstarter, every Kickstarter project should have a project page with a video and description that clearly explains the story behind your project. Projects with videos succeed at a much higher rate than those without (50% vs. 30%). If you need help creating a kickstarter video for your project – then you have come to the right place! In addition to having experience in product launch and promotional videos, we are also experienced in helping companies get funded (and nowadays that happens through Kickstarter)!

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We have so much fun working with passionate entrepreneurs as they start climbing the mountain of building a new product or business. Whether it’s a physical product, an app, or a website, we love helping entrepreneurs craft their stories and highlight awesome ideas! We can help you join the great list of companies that get funded through Kickstarter, with a video that will tell your story and engage your audience in a meaningful way. For example, if you have a tangible product, we can shoot it on a cyc wall (for that white look that is used in Apple commercials) and make it look very contemporary. We can also conduct interviews for testimonials. In short, we can tell your story and show your personality. If you have an intangible product or service, we can craft a story for the camera and illustrate key features and benefits. If your product is online, we can show how it works, using motion graphics and animations.

Using our Kickstarter video production services to create a short, entertaining and informative Kickstarter video can help you secure the funding you need to get your dream off the ground. We will work with your budget and create a project fee that will guarantee delivery of a video that is on your budget.

Key Considerations When Planning Your Kickstarter Video

To create an effective video for your Kickstarter project there are many things to get right; including:

  • Length
  • Script
  • Engagement
  • Style
  • Authenticity
  • Call to action

But the starting point is in the concept. We offer creative development services to help you express yourself in a creative and meaningful way. Black Tent offers creative Kickstarter video production services. From concept and shooting, through editing and post production, we deliver award-winning, sales oriented video production services. In today’s competitive market, you want to ensure every dollar you spend delivers maximum results. Submit the details of your project here.