It is important to work with a Cincinnati video production company that not only understands video, but that also understands marketing, design, and PR. Remember… the concept of web video is relatively new. The ability to create television commercials or a few corporate videos doesn’t qualify a video production company for online video development and marketing. You need a partner that “gets it”. You want a video production company that is using the latest technologies and best practices. It’s more than merely producing a video that can be embedded on a webpage.

Beware: Traditional Video Production Companies just don’t “Get it”
Ask your video production partner if they have experience integrating video into email and social media marketing campaigns? What strategies do they recommend to convert viewers into leads? What do they know about video analytic solutions? Their answers to these questions are more important than you may think. To truly understand the success of a video campaign and gain a clearer picture of ROI, you need a partner who understands that metrics have evolved well beyond the number of views, comments, and likes.

Online Video Marketing has Changed the Game
We now have the ability to see powerful video analytics. In addition to rich audience demographics, it’s important to know which part of the video the viewer watched, skipped, and watched again, and most importantly which points of the video led the audience to engage. You need a partner who is not only able to offer creative and strategic video solutions that integrate with your campaigns, but one who also understands that a call-to-action is more than simply adding a url to the end of a video.

Getting the Most out of Your Video Production Partner
This blog post is the first of a three-part series designed to help advertising agencies, PR firms, and design boutiques get the most out of the their video production partner. To view a video of the complete series click here; or click the following links to view Part Two or Part Three.

Black Tent Video Production
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