The Bottom Line: Video Works
Video content marketing has become increasingly common online, and year after year video growth has exceeded projections. But not all businesses have been quick to jump on board. For those businesses, now is the time. Research conducted by the Online Publisher’s Association indicates that businesses who are not utilizing video content marketing are actually losing customers to those who do. As a leading Cincinnati Video Production company, we realize there is no longer a question about video’s effectiveness. For us, it is a matter of creating the most effective video marketing strategy for our clients.

Video is No Longer Optional
No business aims to lose customers, and an unreached audience is lost potential for growth. In terms of reach, there exists no better medium than video. In 2015, the typical internet user was exposed to an average of 32 videos each month. Taking into consideration that there are upwards of 1 billion internet users, the true potential of video content marketing is clear. Video is no longer just an available option; it has quickly become the most effective form of marketing.

A study conducted by ReelSEO reports that video marketing effectiveness increased for 87 percent of companies. And this isn’t limited to consumer marketing. A survey specific to the B2B market indicates that 73 percent of companies have seen positive results from video marketing.

Video Offers Substantial ROI
Among marketers, video is widely considered to be the form of online content with the greatest ROI. And the use of video analytics makes it much simpler to track user activity. Video increases brand awareness, lead generation, and online engagement. These elements are critical to increasing sales and ROI.

Video Platform and Device
The use of mobile devices to view video content has grown at a phenomenal rate. In 2011, consumers spent an average of 3 minutes per day watching video on mobile devices. In 2015, that number increased to an average of 39 minutes. That’s thirteen times what it was just four years earlier, and projections show continued growth in 2016. The increased use of mobile devices for video content allows for greater accessibility and exposure to target audiences.

Part of this change can be attributed to social media’s growing use of video content. Facebook now averages 8 billion daily video views across 500 million users. And Facebook isn’t alone – Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn have all boosted their video features to appeal to users. This is particularly important in video marketing strategies, as the two most common platforms for video distribution are (1) Company website, and (2) Video sharing sites. Sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo are now merging territory with social media platforms, and this only makes it easier for users to view and share videos.

Clearing the Hurdle
The reason most cited by companies who have yet to adopt video marketing is the challenge of creating an effective marketing strategy. But this doesn’t have to an obstacle. Making use of a new medium should be exciting. And a good video production company will help direct your marketing strategy to produce the most effective content.

Video isn’t one-size-fits-all. What works for one company may fail for the next. It’s essential to have the right team to drive your content. Black Tent offers battle-tested strategies to companies in Cincinnati and nationwide looking to harness the power of video to drive sales.