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Imagine being in the ocean with deep sea divers or up in the skies with a stunt plane, maybe even riding a roller coaster or experiencing a horror movie in new ways you never thought possible. 360 video is bringing the media experience to a whole new level by bringing an environment into a video instead of just a framed shot. More and more websites and content creators are taking advantage of this new technology.

Facebook and Youtube have optimized their websites to support 360 video and Stereoscopic Virtual reality. Companies like GoPro, Samsung, Kodak, and several other companies have already developed affordable 360 video cameras and hardware. This means that more 360 content is created and shared daily and is becoming a more accessible and unique way to share content.

While 360 video seems to be the general format this is just one of the two categories of this media. The two types are 360 video and stereoscopic virtual reality. The difference is within the camera rigging and the depth of video.

Think of 360 video as a normal video but the screen you’re watching it on is a globe around you while stereoscopic virtual reality is more of what we naturally see as the lenses are spaced just like our eyes are spaced this adds depth to the video. Also the viewing of this media would be used through the virtual reality headsets like the oculus rift and google cardboard. 360 video as a whole is very versatile. Imagine giving a tour of your business, factory, or house that you’re putting on the market. 360 video let’s the viewers look around 360° of the areas that you’re showing.

360 Degree Video Example Video (View from Mobile Device)

This means that more levels of depth and detail could be shown in just a single video rather than taking hundreds of pictures or shooting a video that not only would be more time-consuming but also would be a loss in detail cost to the fixed frame of a traditional camera. But with 360 you give them a nonrestricted view as they can move the camera around as they want to. For example if you were showing a house you could have the 360 camera set up in the middle of the room and you could also be giving a tour of the room at the same time this would allow users not only to look at you as you move throughout the room but you can also have them to look other places while you were talking. This gives a more natural and more personal feel than just a video. Many businesses are actually using Facebook and Youtube’s 360 video to give a more edge on advertising and also getting their content out there to users.

Stereoscopic virtual reality however similar actually has quite a bit of difference then the traditional 360 video. Stereoscopic virtual reality is mostly used with what we call as virtual reality goggles or headset. This means instead of viewing it on a TV or computer monitor someone can put on the headset or goggles and view the video by moving their head around instead of clicking and dragging their mouse. The way filming stereoscopic virtual reality works is that the camera lenses are placed the same length apart as human eyes are. With traditional 360 video you would have several lenses but both eyes to look through the same lenses, on stereoscopic virtual reality you have one camera lens per eye. This means instead of getting a flat globe feel you will have an immersive 360 and 3-D virtual reality experience.

Stereoscopic VR Example Video (View from Mobile Device)

When it comes to virtual-reality 360 video is one of the newest innovations in this platform. With the invention of Google cardboard and the affordable 360 camera, we are moving towards a new era of video. Either shooting an entire movie in 360 or just shooting a house tour there is a platform of 360 video for everyone. With more and more innovations in this technology soon everyone will be able to use the 360 format.

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