Product videos can not only bring your product to life in a prospect’s eyes, they can also help increase how many eyes will see your product! Studies show that consumers are more than twice as likely to purchase a product that has a video than one that only has a static image and copy (Treepodia). Including video in your product’s marketing campaign will also consistently rank it higher in web searches – your product has a 50x better chance of ranking on the first page of a web search if it has video attached to it (Forrester).

Faster computers and internet connections have made online video ubiquitous, and major retailers are quickly reaping the rewards. Gone are the days of slow and clunky online video, impossible to watch as they buffer for minutes for every few seconds of video. These recent advancements mean you can show your customers more, and they are expecting to see more.

Why are product videos so important? Consumers are investing in a product when they make a purchase, and want to know as much as possible before making that decision. Professional photography and copy can say a lot, but video speaks volumes more. Video has a tendency to “show all sides”, and encourages consumers that they are making the right purchase.

A study also shows that sales are higher when there is a video is present, even if the consumer doesn’t watch the video (Treepodia)! How is this?! The consumer believes that the manufacturer has enough faith in his product to showcase and highlight it and, for many, that is enough.

There are several types of product videos, and they can all be utilized to great effect. Just a few common ones are generally known as feature highlights, product-in-use, or instructional videos:

  • Feature highlight videos point out key features, and how they differ or excel past similar products. It is key to focus in on specifics. Ask yourself, “What are my product’s key selling points?” and answer them via video. An actor can narrate and help display the product, digital graphics and sound can be implemented.
  • Seeing the product in “everyday use” is also important. Consumers want to see the product put through the paces, not just placed on a pedestal. They want to see how others engage your product, the user’s reaction, and the benefits of the interaction.
  • “How-to” videos can seem to be more devoted to those who have already purchased the product, but can often motivate the sale itself. Technical equipment can seem daunting (picture high-tech home theater electronics, machinery for workshops, computer components, etc) and can scare off some consumers that maybe feel that they are “not ready”. However, manufacturers have found great success creating short “how-to” videos that ease that consumer fear, and encourage sales.

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