One of the very first things that a potential buyer will notice about your business is your product images. Before people read little more than a headline, they are scanning your images, looking to see if you have what they like. If a prospect is scanning a catalog, brochure, or your website, they may not even read a single word! Photographs will need to spark their interest enough to get them to read more and, hopefully, make the purchase.

Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a basic point-n-shoot camera to snap some quick photos for use in marketing campaigns, the end result is always the same – amateur images of what could very well be a world-class product. Many have felt that it is “good enough”, but more needs to be done to take a company to the next level in sales and how they present themselves. Our qualified product photographers knows how to add sheen, luster, depth, and “pop” to product images that customers always notice. Quality photographs on a website, in catalogs, etc. will speak volumes to prospects, and let them know that a company is serious and takes its products seriously.

Product Photography
Product photos also have the benefit of being ultra-versatile. While video can go more in-depth, they cannot be used everywhere the way photos can. Product photography can be used on websites, direct mailers, brochures, catalogs, flyers, in presentations, and social media & email campaigns.

Whether it’s an industrial product photography, manufacturing product photography, consumer product photography, or food photography, every product photo-shoot provides its own challenge – the way the light hits an object and reflects and/or bends around it, how to capture the subtle nuances of texture, finding the best angle, etc. So much so that high quality product photography often goes unappreciated. People see it in magazines and on the web and imagine a photographer with a couple lights just “snapping pictures”. But shutter speed, aperture, focal length, white balance, and lighting are just a few of the parameters that can take amateurs decades to fully grasp and implement successfully into an art. Lighting in-and-of-itself is an art-form, and though an integral part of photography, can lead many to pursue it alone as a career!

While a lot of product photography happens in a controlled studio, it’s not uncommon to also showcase a product in its natural environment (envision a new truck ad set on a grassy vista, or a high-tech machine set in a manufacturing plant). A lot of the same rules apply – use lighting and camera techniques to bring the product to life. However, different factors come in to play, including controlling the environment, dealing with lighting beyond the photographer’s control, acquiring permits for locations, and sometimes even shooting in an actual operating place of business, with workers coming and going all around. A photographer may also be asked to climb or be lifted up to get high overhead shots.

The last stage of product photography usually involves post-production. Our photography team in Cincinnati uses specialized software like PhotoshopLightroom or Aperture, to  “touch up” the images and take them to the next level.

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