By now you’ve sat through at least one sales presentation that uses PowerPoint to continuously hit you over the head with bullet points. Typically your everyday sales presentation is information heavy and does not to engage the audience. Unfortunately, with that approach, you’re missing an opportunity to stand out in a sea of competitors. Liven up your sales pitch—add video in strategic places to spice up your presentation.

Video engages more of the senses, keeping your audience more tuned-into what you’re saying. We’re not suggesting the whole sales presentation be video, however by switching between the two at strategic points, you’ll keep your audience on their toes. They are less likely to zone out if you lose that sense of repetition. Plus some things lend themselves better to print, and others to video; utilize the strengths of both.

Some of the best areas to incorporate video are:

On the “Walk-in”: Whether you choose to play music with a slideshow featuring product or your office, or you loop a few, short interviews/testimonials as your audience starts to trickle in, your goal with this intro segment is to keep them tuned into you from the moment they step into the room. By setting that tone, perhaps they’ll resist the temptation to check email or their phone while waiting for the meeting to start—you’ll have their undivided attention from the very start.

Corporate Overview: A brief video introduction to your company will allow them an inside look at the company you represent. They’ll get a first-hand look “behind the scenes.” With a well-done video, they’ll get look at your office/plant, they’ll get a feel for the corporate culture, and perhaps get to meet some of your co-workers. Show them who they’ll be working with, and by doing so, you’re allowing them to become more engaged with your company and make a stronger, more personal connection.

Technical Discussion: Are you presenting a product or a process that is highly technical? Rather than describing it in words with static pictures, why not show them the process via video. Whether you film the subject or you create an animation, seeing “live” action is far more beneficial than pictures with callouts. If you’re able to go one-step further and do a product demonstration, you’ll leave little to the imagination, which when you’re trying to close a sale, is a good thing!

Testimonials/Case Studies: Allow your previous successes to help fuel new ones by capturing testimonials on camera. Rather than just incorporating quotes into your pitch, see if you can capture those happy customers on camera. Humans are hardwired to use facial features and expressions to gather information and judge believability. Your potential customers are more likely to connect with and/or believe someone they can see, as opposed to just reading the testimonial.

When incorporating video into your presentation, the length of each video is important to keep an eye on. If a video becomes too long and repetitious, people will tune out and you may lose them for the rest of your presentation.  It is hard to specify an ideal time because it is highly dependent on the type of video, subject matter, etc. Because these videos are a part of a larger presentation, three minutes is probably bordering on too long for any one video. There is a fine line between leaving them wanting more information and wishing you had stopped five minutes ago. When compiling your presentation, make sure you’re not only considering the length of each individual piece, but the presentation as a whole as well.

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