We use a very unique and creative approach for capturing vivid aerial footage. Using remote controlled helicopters/helicams, our team is able to capture high resolution digital aerial panoramic photography and video footage (and the team is available to shoot anywhere in the world). Digital aerial cinematography is not only the safest approach, but it’s also the most cost-effective and flexible way possible to get gorgeous aerial footage. Audiences wonder “How’d they do that?” as they watch the footage glide around a building, hover as gently as a hummingbird over flowers, or chase a moving car down the street.

During our shoots, we’re able to view footage immediately.  And the best part, is that we don’t have to be on board a full sized plane to see what is being filmed. Our director is able to watch the action live as its being filmed, on a ground station LCD display. The bottom line is that the footage is world-class, and it’s captured with much less risk. The helicam can operate in places that a real helicopter can’t access safely, and it can fly closer to subjects and perform shots too dangerous for a full size aircraft. Also, take offs and landings are done vertically, so you can shoot almost anywhere safely; and reshoots can be done in minutes. To learn more about our video production services click here. To speak with someone about your project, or to request pricing, please click here.