Black Tent, a Dayton Video Production company, has years of experience in producing corporate video production, training video production, and commercial video production in Dayton, OH. Contact us now to learn more, or visit our homepage for samples of our latest work.

For years, our team has worked on Dayton video productions that have helped numerous Dayton companies and organizations use video to deliver messages. Our philosophy is that corporate video production does not have to be boring. We pride ourselves on creativity and artfully blending images, sounds and media to make sure your message engages the audience and leaves a lasting impression. We produce more than dayton video productions; we produce results.

Black Tent provides full corporate video production services in Dayton, OH including concept development, production, and post production. For those who need an all-in-one script-to-screen solution, Black Tent can write, produce and edit a finished product that fits your video objectives.

Corporate Video Production, Dayton, OH

We have broad expertise in developing and communicating corporate video production, brand identity videos, mission and vision, corporate and social responsibility, public relations, investor relations, marketing and sales initiatives and new product introduction through video production and other brand communication media. We deliver specific message-driven experiences to internal and external stakeholders. We have extensive international experiences in all aspects of marketing video production.  Learn more about how Black Tent can help your company or organization achieve its corporate video production and communication goals.

Corporate Training Video

The Internet’s ability to deliver high quality corporate training videos has dramatically changed the logistics of rolling out corporate training campaigns. Now your teaching staff can teach the class just once, film the event and add graphics and supporting text. The result…a video that can easily be seen by hundreds of employees in Dayton, OH or anywhere in the world, on demand.

Utilizing current web technologies, our web division can even create a branded interface that users can log into to watch the video. Once they’ve viewed the video, automated quizzes or testing can be initiated and automatically scored, with the results securely sent to their supervisor. Training in this fashion can also increase consistency in the training material while automating the verification of employee compliance.

Customer Support Video

If a company offers support for their products or services, customer support videos can help reduce costs, while increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Product Training Video Production, Dayton, OH

Let’s use consumer electronics as an example. In today’s changing world of technology, understanding how to use a product correctly can decrease returns and increase customer satisfaction. Why not create training video-based tutorials that explain your product? By developing friendly, useful tutorials to introduce people to your product, your clients will quickly become proficient with your device and have the best opportunity to take full benefit of its features. The benefits are happier clients and stronger brand loyalty.

Product Support Video Production, Dayton, OH

Again using consumer electronics as the example, imagine taking the top 10 most frequently asked questions your call center has to respond to and creating self-help videos where a professional trainer walks people through a process that solves their problem. The economics are clear, but the good will and client satisfaction that can come from instant gratification, rather than a long protracted hold time waiting for a technician, is invaluable.

Black Tent Dayton Video Production can handle your training videos and support videos from concept to completion. From a small budget project to a full blown production, our company guarantees to deliver a product that will go beyond your expectations. We can do everything from writing the script, hiring the talent, selecting the best director for your project, and storyboarding the production. We can bring in voice-over talent and provide both original and library music.

When it comes to Dayton video production, no other video production company in Dayton, OH has more crews or more equipment.No matter what your budget, we approach every client and every Dayton Video Production project with one goal…to make our client’s message unforgettable.

As a Dayton video production company, we offer a full range of video production services. Our team of writers, directors, producers, and cinematographers handle projects of nearly every scale and genre, from single-camera studio interviews, to multi-camera, multi-crew, commercial shoots, in multiple locations around the world.

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