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You agree to pay all video production charges under the following terms: 50% up-front, and the remaining 50% upon completion of each project. Prices are subject to change, and Black Tent, LLC reserves the right to provide estimates for any additional fees that may be associated with projects that are located in remote areas outside of major metropolitan areas. Because each interview and success story is different in nature, Black Tent, LLC cannot guarantee the specific length of your video (though the typical length is between one to three minutes). Black Tent, LLC will take utmost care to produce a video of the highest quality, but will not be held responsible for acts of God and/or circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to power failure, equipment malfunction, defective tape stock or hard drives, etc. Under any and all circumstances which prohibit the complete production of the video, the total liability of Black Tent, LLC is limited to a refund of the 50% upfront fees. Black Tent, LLC will not be held liable to any party for any errors on any medium after the customer has agreed in writing that the content is correct and accurate and should be posted, published, or broadcast. You also agree that your company will not employ (directly or indirectly, as a contractor/vendor) any Black Tent crew members, employees, contractors, or vendors for a period of up to two years after the termination of this agreement. Black Tent, LLC reserves the right to use any and/or all of the video footage for promotional, marketing, and advertising purposes. This agreement contains the entire and complete agreement of the parties, and supersedes any other understandings, promises, representations and agreements, oral or written. The validity and interpretation of this Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Ohio. Any court action to enforce this Agreement, or relating or arising out of this Agreement or the services provided by Black Tent, LLC shall be brought to a court of competent jurisdiction in Hamilton County, in the State of Ohio.

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