Louisville Video Production: Where is the Black Tent Crew?

July 2nd, 2013|

Black Tent is an Award-winning Louisville video production company (502) 276-8821, specializing in tv commercials, corporate video production, and more! Contact us now for pricing. CONTEST: Where in the world is the Black Tent crew? More specifically… where in Louisville can you find this 30 ft. tall replica of the statue of David? Is

Online Video Production Companies Create Website Videos, Social Media Videos, and Mobile Marketing Videos

May 30th, 2013|

Online Video Production in Cincinnati, Louisville, Lexington, Dayton, Indianapolis, and Nationwide. Online video production is taking over the web. How many times over the past few months have you heard about the incredible growth of online video? Well, despite all the hype… the growth is quite real. In fact, eighty-five percent

Louisville Corporate Video Production

May 29th, 2013|

You are a Director of Marketing, a Vice-President of Sales, a Creative Director....or even the CEO. You have a product or service that the world needs to hear about. You aren’t just looking for some good creative in your upcoming campaign. You are looking for

Cincinnati Video Production Company Creates Industrial Product Videos

May 7th, 2013|

A product video we created to introduce a new separation technology used for the recycling industry. The video was captured using super slow motion to highlight the machine's ability to sort materials based on shape and color. Cincinnati Video Production Black Tent is a leading video production company in Cincinnati;

Three Tips to Maximize your Video Marketing Budget

April 29th, 2013|

It’s clear that video, especially online video, has moved in to the mainstream. In fact, according to a recent survey by the Web Video Marketing Council… 81% of marketing executives intend to use some form of video in their marketing programs this year. This is an exciting time for the

Black Tent: Award-Winning Louisville Video Production Services

October 28th, 2012|

It’s all about your story. Black Tent Productions creates affordable HD corporate videos for the web, mobile, and television. And because each client we work with in the Louisville, KY area is unique and every message is different, we develop customized creative solutions. We first understand the challenge, then create

Video Production Tips for Ad Agencies, PR Firms, and Design Boutiques

May 22nd, 2012|

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6A1ei0UqlU A video blog to help advertising agencies, PR firms, and design boutiques get the most out of their video production companies.  View complete portfolio here. Cincinnati Video Production Black Tent is an award-winning video production company based in Cincinnati, Ohio, specializing in high quality, effective, and affordable video production. Black

Testimonial Videos and Case Study Videos Drive Sales

May 22nd, 2012|

Black Tent is an award-winning video production company based in Cincinnati, Ohio, specializing in high quality, effective, and affordable testimonial and case study video production. To learn more, click here. Impact Videos are brief videos of a customer praising the value of your product, service, company, or solution, and

Black Tent is a Leading Cincinnati Video Production Company

May 22nd, 2012|

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MMBZpOt31s A glowing endorsement from a Black Tent Video Production client in Cincinnati, OH.  View complete portfolio here. Black Tent Video Production Are you looking for a video production company to help bring your products, services, and brands to life? To learn more about our video production services click here. To speak