Post Production Services

Post-Production is where all the hard work finally comes together. Our award winning editing team is able to offer many different cinematic styles to best fit your project. Your input and involvement will be vital through the entire process, from rough cut to the approved final cut.

We run the latest versions of Final Cut Studio and we are equipped with the Adobe CS6 and the latest motion and sound design software. We provide a full array of finishing services including audio mixing and color grading. In addition, we are able to add graphics, animation, and effects to bring your video to life. With complete 3D modeling & animation capabilities, we can create compelling visuals; from photo-realistic product renderings to stunning fly-throughs and animated demonstrations. The possibilities are truly endless in the 3D world. In short, we have the resources and talent to take a standard video project from simple and mundane to stunning and visually engaging.

Post-production services, also known as video editing, is where the magic happens. Whether you need us to edit existing video footage, or if you’re working with us on a full service video production, our post-production services are world-class.

  • Video Editing (Final Cut Pro, Avid, etc.)
  • Motion Design, 3D Graphics, and Animation (After Effects, Lightwave, Combustion, Maya, 3d Studio Max, Mocha Pro, etc.)
  • Sound Design (Pro Tools, Cubase,  Waves, Universal Audio, Native Instruments, IK Multimedia, etc.)
  • Voiceover Recording
  • Studio Recording
  • Radio Spots
  • Jingles
  • HD Special Effects and Animation
  • DVD Authoring & Mastering
  • Packaging, Media Duplication, Fulfillment
  • Encoding & Compression for Web Streaming
  • Web / Multimedia Integration
  • And more…