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Online Video Production Companies Create Website Videos, Social Media Videos, and Mobile Marketing Videos

May 30th, 2013|

Online Video Production in Cincinnati, Louisville, Lexington, Dayton, Indianapolis, and Nationwide. Online video production is taking over the web. How many times over the past few months have you heard about the incredible growth of online video? Well, despite all the hype… the growth is quite real. In fact, eighty-five percent

Lexington Video Production

May 30th, 2013|

CONTEST: Where in the world is the Black Tent crew? Do you know the name of the park in Lexington, KY where these horse sculptures can be found? If so, post the answer as a comment (near the bottom of this page) for a chance to win a Black Tent

Louisville Corporate Video Production

May 29th, 2013|

You are a Director of Marketing, a Vice-President of Sales, a Creative Director....or even the CEO. You have a product or service that the world needs to hear about. You aren’t just looking for some good creative in your upcoming campaign. You are looking for

Part One: Find a Partner that Speaks your Language

May 10th, 2013|

It is important to work with a Cincinnati video production company that not only understands video, but that also understands marketing, design, and PR. Remember… the concept of web video is relatively new. The ability to create television commercials or a few corporate videos doesn't qualify a video production company

Part Two: Video Production Technologies are Changing the Industry

May 10th, 2013|

You need to be able to count on your video production partner to bring your campaigns to life using the latest video production technologies. The video production industry is growing and evolving, and there are tools and technologies that allow companies to do things that were never before possible. You

Part Three: Hire a Video Production Company that is Invested in your Agency and your Client Relationships

May 9th, 2013|

Not only should your video production company be able to work from a creative brief, but they should also be able to bring the latest video technologies to the table. You want a partner who is professional and one who can become an extension of your team. If necessary  your partner should

Cincinnati Video Production Company Creates Industrial Product Videos

May 7th, 2013|

A product video we created to introduce a new separation technology used for the recycling industry. The video was captured using super slow motion to highlight the machine's ability to sort materials based on shape and color. Cincinnati Video Production Black Tent is a leading video production company in Cincinnati;

Getting the Most from your Video Production Company: Tips for Ad Agencies, PR Firms, and Design Boutiques

May 6th, 2013|

While almost every business and industry has witnessed dramatic transformations over the past five to seven years, nobody has seen it more than those in the agency, design, and PR community. Everything has changed. Consumers have changed, media has changed, budgets have changed, and technology has changed. Digital is clearly